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Mar 04, 2017 - Schaumburg Township District Library
Not a last Saturday!
The February meeting had to be rescheduled for the first Saturday in March due to room unavailability.

Video: none
Speaker: John Donahue
Topic: What's happening on the Internet?

John Donahue will talk about the Internet, including topics like how the tiers of routers manage the packet traffic, the roles of ICANN and other organizations, the impending IPV4/IPV6 changes, and how the thing called the World Wide Web uses the Internet. Other topics will relate to the things referred to as the "deep" and the "dark" Internet and, finally, the future of the internet based on the views of our current visionaries and experts.

Please contact APCU programs to volunteer to speak or with program suggestions.

Document: The Internet You Thought You Knew


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Hours: Instructional videos from a variety of sources often open the meeting at 10:00 am. Random Access, an open exchange of questions, answers, and opinions follow. After business and break, formal program starts at about 11:00 am and continues until lunch. Discussions traditionally continue at a congenial eatery.

Locations: See the list of meetings on this page for meeting locations. Click the location name for a map.

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