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(redirected from APCU.M1009)

Note: These are "notes" not "minutes". I have only slightly rewritten them. Ward Christensen &#125 Sat 100925

 right-click save as -- for Ward's
 Click to see Ward's Freemind page
    Mike W
            SOME ISPs will grab and reroute DNS requests!!!
        Has a "Familiar Environment", Via a USB Key.  
            He uses Ubuntu Linux
                Has done WINDOWS - BOOTABLE
                    P.S. This is VERY HARD
                Did it on 16G stick
                    Instructions to do it
            Runs XP on a USB stick
                Details? umm, what's the site that compares all the versions?  Distro Watch? 

            300M total - whole system
   Has an interesting link to
                    Put Bitdefender Rescue CD on a USB Flash Drive
            SID cannot be quoted saying: 
                Falcon 4 ultimate boot CD - version f
                Avail on pirate bay as a torrent
                Every nifty thing you can image like small xp boot
                spinrite 6, 
                Hiren .info
                        ERD for Windows 7
                        Emergency Repair Disk
                    Is all legal - nothing not public domain or shareware
                Falcon 4 ultimate boot CD
                    Not quite as legal
                    Runs a version of linux bootloader GRUB
                        Makes them look like separate cds
            Mike can put linux on a usb key
                Likes Ubuntu
            Mike can put XP on a usb key
            Sid likes Puppy linux, it is smaller
                Shows how to put a rescue on a pen drive
        Floppy drive stuck in drive
            A: the label may be stuck - starts to peel off
            The shutter often opens up
            Sticking something flat in it to try to push down the label or shutter
    Q: Comparison of FireFox and chrome?
        Chrome is MUCh faster
        Is there a portable versioN?
            A: yes,
            beta 7 has hardware acceleration - using video card's acceleration
        Sid: The new IE 9 looks like chrome - won't run on XP
            Directly accesses the video
            is VERY fast
            Messes up some pages when you look at them. 
            There's a button that you can click for compatability
            "Beautify the browser" is a site about it. 
            THERE IS NO MORE SPINNER on the page. NOTHING tells you the page is loading
            In 9, they want the site's window to be the biggest, so everything else - 
                    e.g. tabs are on same line as the address bar.   Kind of dumb, but ... 
        Can Chrome import FireFox addons? 
            No, but have similar
            Bookmarks move automatically - via "import"
        Mike likes using "" to save his bookmarks - also works.
            can access them from any site
            Can look at other people's bookmarks who are interested in similar things
          Mike's bookmarks
   > Ka9dgx <>
            So he can see his bookmarks anywhere, any time
            He can see the TAGS they have - the places they go, etc.
            can find links to other people - 
               e.g. there are 86 other people who have bookmarked the link he points to.  
               It shows you THEIR bookmarks, including notes about it
            You can find people with similar interests, by finding ppl that have bookmarked the same sites.
            Interesting thing:
                Some things are very hard to google. 
                So on delicious you can find others who have an interest in it, 
                while the words are not such that you could really google them. 
                Works with Chrome, ie, FireFox
                    Probably Android also
                Betw multiple browsers
                    Thus on multiple machines
                        WE LIKE IT
                Has an option to encrypt and do SSL (secure) between the 
                    machines you are synchronizing and Xmark
        With Chrome, you are telling google everything - history, etc. 
            You are giving up your privacy
            Chromium is an open source base of Chrome that does NOT have the privacy problems
            Spiro has 1800 contacts on his trio - with lots of private things (just sort of happened)
                NOW, that was put on the "Evo"
                Was sync'd with Outlook
                Will NOT upload to google - it would have ALL those names, addresses, birthdays, etc. 
                So question is - how secure? 
                    At one time Google was auto linking people - which was a bit too public
                    Which has now been shut off
    Joke: Sid was at a wedding,
        and before kissing the bride, he changed his marital status online
    Related topic
        Security of information
            You want information on your mobile device
            Mike: "If I don't PAY for it I don't use it" 
                Sid: Paying gives you nothing
                    Ex: itoons forces agreeing to latest terms before downloading music
                    If you disagree, you are locked out until you accept the license agreement
                We agree to differ
                Mike ex: Facebook
                    free services, like google, erode away your privacy - Apple is doing DRM, 
            a phone's contacts are linked to all applications
            Android, being to tied to google, worried about sync with google. 
                Better to sync with Outlook as then you have it, not google. 
                1. If you use native contact stuff, a lot of functionality is there
                    BUT YOU want to sync so you control what syncs
                2. Can I provision it myself/ 
                Sid: xmarks
                    What is it
                You gave away privacy with your jewel card
                    Yesterday, ward flashed his DOMINICKs card at Jewel and the COMPUTER said THANK YOU
                        and gave me the discount
                        I have done that before!!!!!!!
            Keeping important info on a cell phone is inherently dangerous. 
                but nice to have - and synchronized
            we still don't have an answer
                Like the features on the google android phone
                    Has a bluetooth keyboard
                        Not perfect yet
                But need way to protect the information on the phone
                    Both internally, 
                    and when synchronized with other. 
                Touch screen on phone seems to work quite well. 
            Just FYI, what ward does with his ThinkPod, is to have encrypted disks with personal information
                Using "TruCrypt"
                    Full disk encryption
                    OR you say "make 4G for me, and make it later show up as a drive letter"
                    Ward has his electronic library of documents on line (scans etc)
                        and one of magazines
                        and one of programs
                        and one of company confidential stuff
                    "plausable deniability"
                    I have now created a 200M "FILE" called c:\apcu.pdf
                        It will become an encrypted DRIVE when MOUNTED by TrueCrypt using the password
        What is ward using?
                A VI editor for FireFox
                VI = Linux editor
                    It has an input mode
                    and a command mode
                    for ex:  /blah
                        starts a search for blah
    Whats coming for google: 
        technology where the search is community (interests, not locale) related
    Mike: about virtual keyboards
        you don't have to pick up your fingers between letters on a touch screen
    Considering phones
        Droid X
            Excellent phone
            The android OS such as on EVO - very nice
                Can play music on Pandora
                a phone call comes in, it pauses Pandora
                And continues when you hang up
                Spiro has an EVO
        Apple iPhone 4
            Nice features, not a great phone 
            Great PDA
        Want a phone mainly for the camera
            Thinking of a new portable "point and shoot" 
                BUT if the camera on a phone is good enough, don't need a separate camera

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Page last modified on October 01, 2010, at 09:23 AM