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It turns out that you CAN use Cricket on an as-needed basis as mentioned at the July (OMG it is August!) club meeting.

HOWEVER, here's the details of how it works

  • You pay a $25 activation fee, and $30/month
  • you continue to pay your bill
  • you keep using it
  • you ""stop"" paying your bill
  • your service stops.
  • When you again want it -
    • You MUST again pay the $25 activation fee (and make a phone call, etc etc)

NET NET: If you use Cricket 2 times a year, e.g. August and next February, you would pay $65 ($40/mo + $25 activation fee) "each month". SUBSEQUENT, contiguous months, are $40, but stopping and restarting will always (1) be a hassle; and (2) incur a $25 reconnect fee.

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Page last modified on August 01, 2010, at 04:43 PM