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Note the links below and all are consolidated into Favorite Links

  • Jan 2008
  • ZOOM player
  • gspot to spot the codec needed also mentioned in Nov 2007
  • Harv: fav keyboard, screwed up cable and connector. Took wires off. Round DIN.\* Dec 2007
  • Vista tip - do installs and other important things (e.g. network programs)
            not by clicking the program, but right-clicking, and do  run as administrator .
  • Nov 2007
  • Sept 2007 if you see a link, wonder what it is, follow it, then edit it here, please!
  • Dec 2006 - John Chapman.
    • Recommends "XP Anti-Spy" - looks @ what is being sent to Microsoft
    • Repartitioning: What john recommends if you are setting up a new system: (XP as of this time)
      • ALL ARE FAT32 [integrity is an issue]
      • 16G antivirus, root kit from sysinternals, OS.
      • 2G Fat 2nd = fat with spool and swap
      • xxG 3rd is data and apps
    • John's favorite cloner: Teleport Pro
  • Sept 2006 - Howard Fosdick REXX.
  • Dec 2005
    • Good thought: Sounds like something Mike Warot would have said Ward Christensen December 19, 2010, at 10:07 PM
      • software is executable knowledge
      • If stored in a book, it is preserved
      • If it is programmed, it is executable.
  • Oct 2005 - Email From Alan Berger -- Sleuths Crack Tracking Code Discovered in Color Printers

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