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02/21/15 Ward Christensen Written after the Feb '15 meeting

Note that there are multiple tables, so don't give up if the first table seems insufficient.
AND holy cow are there a bunch more than a few years ago - it seems every Tom, Dick, and Harry has a version, so it takes some real investigation - such as the tables further down that indicate distribution quantities.

03/18/10 Ward Christensen

  • I've gotten Xubuntu working nicely on an old Neoware CA-10 thin client,
    • It normally has a small "Disk On Media" drive, but I put in an old 80G laptop hard drive
  • Now, I have SLES on my ThinkPod, and Centos on a VM,
    • Centos is the full Red Hat Enterprise Linux, but as a community effort
      (Community ENTerprise Linux OS => Centos)

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