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03/26/10 APCU Meeting

  • Ben Had an install running 65% cpu, turned out it was "done, waiting for you to go on"
  • Alan
    • Printer printed 7 of 17 pages, and hung
    • Had trouble deleting the job
      • Found a 3rd party prog to delete the spooled job
      • Then removed and reinstalled the printer
  • Harv - 6 port USB hub - machine no longer recognized the device
    • changed ports, then it worked
    • Could be there was a fuse on that connector?
  • Walter - Intermittent internet on a friend's Mac
    • Suggested a malware scan
    • But found there was no such thing
    • One reply - emptying browser cache
  • Q: Anyone have a kindle
    • controversy - Sony eReader; not sure what is going to win
    • Q: How useful, how long, etc.
    • Tired of huge books - and yes they come in Kindle format
    • Would like color, but not too heavy.
    • Comparing to the iPad
      • Kindle - very low power, designed for reading
        • WiFi service built in
      • iPad - requires a data plan - even if fixed price
      • Suggestion - use a libraries Kindle - Skokie has them.
      • Technical books - yes they are kindle.
  • HP discussion
    • Seems they install a lot of stuff you don't need or use
    • Have to dl 400M just to get a driver
  • Recommendation for "Mavis Beacon" to teach grade school child proper typing
  • Harv Beam It Down - iPhone app - with content from Project Guterberg
  • Q: Set up my own web site?
  • UVerse
    • phones work now; caller ID comes up on the TV
    • RG = Residential gateway, connects to the TV, phone, etc.
      • Has built-in wireless

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