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October, 2010 Meeting Notes

  • All Random Access
  • We decided to skip the video
  • Ward has a new 7" USB 480 x 800 monitor he got for his 65th Birthday
  • Mike Warot talking about Amazon services'''
  • Terms
    • EC2 - Elastic Cloud Computing
    • Elastic Block Storage
      • Where you put things
    • S3 = another storage
      • It has a web address AND a torrent
  • Macro Express Example Macro: pasting text into ANY application -- From the clipboard
    • This exists in 2 forms: The form you see as the "high-level" macro-express language i.e. "commands"
             Variable Set String  from Clipboard
             Keystroke Speed 10 Milliseconds
             Text Type 
  • and the "internal text macro format": This kind can be imported...
  • where, unfortunately, [01] means a x'01' - the one char making it difficult to edit with normal editors.
  • Ward's other uses
    • If you have an application where you "wish there were a shortcut key", you can define one in MacroExpress.
      • You simply say -- for example -- alt-G, BUT ONLY WHEN THE WINDOW SAYS EXCEL -- means to blah blah -
      • which can be a place to move the mouse and click, or a combination of keystrokes, etc.
      • Unlike for example Excel "VBS" macros, which are activated by Ctrl-<some key>, this applies when EVER the windows says "Excel", not just when the macro is loaded in the current workspace.

  • Club Business
    • We decided NOT to have a November Meeting
    • Holiday meeting: Saturday December 18 @ Parthenon 314 S. Halsted St. Chicago, IL 60661 Tel. 312-726-2407 ChuckG

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