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December, 2010 holiday dinner at the Parthenon

We had a nice Greek dinner at the Parthenon, with many spouses / significant others in attendance.

A big Thanks to Ben for having name tags for everyone!!!

A few notes came out of the random access sessions:

  • Random Access
    • Windows tips site - that Ward didn't capture? Anyone? Buehler? Anyone?
      • Their own definition: Bleeping Computer is a community devoted to providing free original content, consisting of computer help and tutorials, in such a way that the beginning computer user can understand.
    • Microsoft Security Essentials Highly rated, free! (Bash THAT, Warot!) heh
      • Bleepingcomputer mentions it, among other anti-virus programs, here and here.
      • Not to be confused with Windows Optimization Center which is a fake rogue anti-spyware program that is part of the Fake Microsoft Security Essentials infection discussed here.
    • Trinity Rescue Kit - Bootable Mandriva for recovery from trojan, etc. (John Chapman)
      • Ward has recommended it to fixit buddy Lloyd Smith, and has downloaded it to eval it. Anyone else interested?
    • Mini facebook - but only with your friends. - You decide everything

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