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APCU March (26) 2011 meeting

Meeting part 1: Sid's "Video" - Hacking

  • Here are some names mentioned
    • Robert Lyttle
    • Adrian Lamo Interesting in that he used only a web browser - essentially "Don't make confidential information available via a public web page" philosophy
  • One kind of scary comment, was the gov't should EMPLOY hackers as counter-terrorists, and would have more effect than a huge battle fleet, in stopping future troubles
  • How about now? "Trip Advisor" was just hacked - people are still hacking.
  • RSA (The security encryption people) got hacked.
  • Sid - The movie was never published. Has moved around quite a bit, but keeps get taken down.
    • The academy once released a special video disc player that could play pre-released movies.

Meeting part 2: Random Access

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