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April 2011 APCU Meeting

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Random Access

  • How do I delete Firefox typeahead history.
    • It's encrypted. I can delete ALL of them with c???
    • Also: Tools -> Options -> Privacy
  • Torrent programs
  • Infections:
    • Sid: NY times had infected ads.
    • A lot of ads are Flash which has many vulnerabilities.
    • Turn off Flash:
    • Sid: Manipulate scripts w/Greasemonkey(?)
    • AdBlock for Chrome, different one for FireFox.
    • Proxomitron, a local HTTP web-filtering proxy.
  • Alarms:
    • HP bought Palm about a year ago.
    • Palm desktop can do repeating alarms. Used Palms fairly cheap.
    • Sid: Free alarm clock 2.2.
  • Sid: Download Squad: AOL taking over - going away.
  • What do I need to get, eg, CTA "next bus" info?
  • $20 Teathering fee for connecting your computer to your cell phone for internet access.
    • Sid:
      • T-mobile you go gold once you spend $100. Each additional addon gets an additional year.
        Minutes roll.
      • Get an Android phone (w/contract, can get one for approx $100).
      • 200 MB package for $20/mo.
      • Engadget did math on contract/no-contract T-mobile phone.
      • Second most popular IPhone app, Crackle (free movie viewer), tracks you always.
  • Batteries
    • Where to recycle:
      • Costco takes lead acid batteries, just put them on skid.
      • SWANCC tells where to recycle anything.
        • MouseOver "Recycling" to select category.
      • Goose Island Recycling Center, Chicago.
      • Napa(?)
    • Where to buy:
      • Illinois Battery Manufacturing replaces UPS batteries (Irving pk & Western?)
      • Ben:
  • Ebay:
    • Hardest part is doing a good ad.
    • Ben: for small objects, good to use Flat Rate Priority, online postage.
      • PayPal will print your label with the postage on it.
      • Ben: Sheetlabel (URL?) cheapest place for full sheet labels.
  • Car Purchase:
    • Harv: Don't trust CarMax.
      • They only show water damage if prev owned reported it to Ins Co.
      • They do have 30 day return policy, does not cover shipping.
  • Online news:
    • Sid:
      • NY Times
        • Price exhorbitant for online.
        • Free when you subscribe to paper, which is also expensive.
      • Wall Street Journal app is excellent (pay).
        • Kindle edition (2 wks free to try)
        • Barnes & Noble bad reading(?)
  • Online readers:
    • Nook 3G Gray back wifi and wireless. White back wifi only(?).
      • "Paper" is 16 shades of gray, need light to read, long battery life (week w/ 3G on).
      • Has slot for 16 or 32GB miniSD card. Books stored locally.
    • Lee: Borders Navigation horrible. No 3G. Borders has >1 device.
    • Sid: Kindle now has ad supported unit (on main page) for $99.
      • Kindle cannot handle Adobe DRM. Only open.
  • Google Books:
    • Google scanned in entire libraries for search, then deal with copyrights for publishing.
    • Some publishers said Google needed prior permission and opt-in only even to scan making whole project impractical.
  • Google Maps:
    • Sid: anyone can edit, subject to review.
    • In Park Ridge, street nos are not linear, so Googlemaps street view incorrect.

Club Business

  • Last Saturdays May and June. Random accesses and videos.
  • Neal appointed to send letter to FCC re AT&T acquiring T-mobile.

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