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APCU May (28) 2011 meeting

  • Video
  • Random Access
    • added 06/29/11 Jean Barber wanting way to grab podcasts (e.g. Public Radio) to play on the train
    • Ward suggesting sharing bookmarks
    • Alan wanting to know how to import FireFox 3 bookmarks into FireFox 4 PORTABLE
      • SID - bookmarks pull down / organize bookmarks / import and backup;
        • If import - IE, or from HTML.
    • Ben wanting to stitch together Flash Gordon 9 FLV files
    • Charlie wanting to convert video to DVD
      • Connected VCR to Pinnacle box, Pinnacle 14 has a choice for input of this box, and connects to PC to make an avi, mpeg2, etc. You can also edit it. It has automatic scene generation, splits them by scene change if you want.
    • Alternative to Skype - for video, teaching?
      • OOVOO (12-way video chat)

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Page last modified on September 24, 2011, at 09:29 PM