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July APCU Meeting


  • Virtualization - particularly VirtualBox
    • (aside) VLC media player can speed up or slow down playback!

Random Access


  • Why
    • Old driver -
      • old film scanner only supp on old OS
      • Q: what do drivers allow access to:
    • older software (ex: Need IE6, running Windows 7, so load virtual XP
    • Application that wouldn't work on windows, but did on Linux - so run on a Linux VM
    • Experimenting with languages, free software
    • Like having a multi-computer lab, On one machine,
      • A virtual Windows machine - Microsoft SQL
      • AND a virtual linux
      • Apache server in a linux (etc)
      • Another example: Learning networking
        • Have a domain server
        • Have a windows client
        • have a Linux client
        • (Do VMs support PXE boot?)
    • Run mac virtual (or physical) on any machine
      • Pirate Bay (Gasp)
      • Hosted on Windows XP 32
        • Mac 10.6(?) Snow Leopard
    • What is PXE
      • machine turns on
      • NIC asks for an address
      • Broadcasts its addr and MAC saying "Anything for me"
        • PXE server sends boot block
        • Boot block loads (something)
          • Linux (tiny)
          • Win PE
            • Can do an FULL INSTALL
      • could be tied to "wake on LAN"
  • What is virtualized
  • QnA:
    • Running 32-bit Windows 7 have 32-bit Quicken
      • What about 64 bit?
    • Does it have to re-activate?
      • probably Yes, it sees new hardware
      • Pirate Bay
        • LastXP
  • Physical to Virtual
    • I suggest running 64-bit as HOST
      • and 32-bit with Quicken as guest
      • SO, P2V the 32-bit
    • FREE from VM
      • Sid: If any issues with what you're converting then of COURSE you'll have troubles with the virtual copy
        • Phys: XP mach; 98; Windows 7
        • Target: Host Windows 7-64
          • running VMware workstation 7.1x $$$$ ~~ $150
  • Notes
    • Ex: Lots of Dell XP keys
      • and a
  • Accessing the host
    • VMware
      • You offer a share in the host
        • You net use it in the guest
    • VirtualBox
      • You define shared drives/folders in the user interface

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