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August 2011 APCU Meeting

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Random Access

  • Web page capture
    • SiteShoter captures Web pages as images from the command line.
  • How do I add visible timestamps to JPEGs?
  • Backup:
    • Windows 7 backup very good
    • It's possible to back up an XP machine from Windows 7
      • Enable full sharing on XP
      • Mount network drives on W7. Must have same user name and password
  • Is there software to upgrade XP to Windows 7?
    • Be sure to take and image backup first
    • There is no native upgrade XP->W7. W7 install reformats drive.
    • Some XP apps don't work in W7
  • Lee: Motherboards
  • Phone / WiFi
    • AT&T Uverse no longer bundled. Can get Uverse Internet
    • AT&T has a retention dept.
    • IPhone will be available for all carriers by XMas
    • IEEE: new WiFi w/ 25 mile range
    • Clear mobile is now overloaded
    • Korea, Asia going for 100Mb national internet
    • In U.S., big corps don't want us to have fast internet

Club Business

  • What are we going to do as an org? Suggestions:
    • 15 minute talks
    • Someone remembered Hugo: embedded car systems
    • Broaden topics - not just Windows
    • Alan: We need someone to spend 4 - 5 hours/month organizing meetings
    • Online meetings: Webex, GoToMeeting.
    • Possible topics:
      • How much firewall do we need? Which direction (inbound / outbound)?
      • Cabling
      • The Cloud
      • Phones, Magic Jack, etc.
      • eMail management: Backups, archive
      • eBooks: Naming conventions, info management, library science
  • Holiday meeting
    • Lee is open to suggestions

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