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APCU October 2011 Meeting Notes


  • Extreme Sports from You Tube
  • Pictures of earth rotating from space shuttle and Station
  • Videos Sid brought:
o Gmail essential training
o Word 2010 styles
o Light Room III essential Training (full database, pictures, thumbnails etc) up to half million images
o Microsoft Win 7 tips and tricks
  • From specifically This link
  • Each video is only a minute or two long, and Sid dragged 10 of them or so to play; you could make a playlist.
  • Changing themes (desktop backgrounds) Tied to the region you said you are in when installing
  • In explorer, can do "organize" and an option to turn on check boxes - instead of holding ctrl for multi-select
  • gpedit.msc - group policy editor - navigation pane, user, admin template, windows component, windows explorer...
    • settings can turn off the display of search entries in windows explorer. Switches to new window...
    • Enable or disable. Enable it. apply / OK
    • This turns off remembering searches
  • Quick Launch doesn't exist by default.
    • Right click task bar, toolbars, quick launch is NOT one; so click NEW
      • \AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\QuickLaunch
      • Right Click, turn off show title, drag to left, etc.
      • Right Click the task bar to re-lock it.
      • Be careful to NOT turn off quick launch, or you will have to completely re-specify it as above.
  • Alt-P in explorer shows preview pane (e.g. videos, Word docs, etc)
  • Changing windows
    • Win+Shift+Uparrow - maximize only height
    • Win+Shift+DownArrow = restore; or if restored, then minimze
    • Win+Home = hide all windows except the one in focus
    • Win+E = open explorer window
    • Win+P = (P)rojector -- Computer only, Duplicate, Extend, Projector-only
  • Click the Start button, click Control Panel, click Programs, and then click Turn Windows features on or off.
    • One interesting features is to OCR within graphic images!!!
  • Volume Mixer - can save settings by application
    • Select speaker icon, "mixer" link on bottom.
    • When an audio-using appl is running, it is added to the list of an individual app volume that may be changed

Random Access

  • Sid "wand" that is a full page scanner from
  • Ward: Hitachi RVS (Rotational Velocity Sensing) from 2007 is "incredible technology" within a drive.
  • Ben: NetGear NV+ - won't recognize 3T drives. Limited to 2T
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Page last modified on October 29, 2011, at 01:10 PM