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Random Access

  • Walter - Strange computer behavior
    • Lost very much space on C:
      • Did cleanup, got to 700M free.
    • Suggest opening Task Manager, Services.
      • Double click the CPU column in Task Manager, to sort highest CPU top
    • Suggesting getting malware bytes.
  • Chrome didn't import bookmarks from FireFox
    • Only 2 bookmarks imported.
  • Windows 7 64-bit
    • Seems to run fast
    • Installed a 128G SSD - really fast
  • How many people use Yahoo mail
    • At work - NewsMax subscription - getting 15-24 spams
    • Suggestion - create a new account, subscribe to NewsMax using that account, see how much spam you get.
  • My bank locked me out
    • The "hacker" failed the password often enough to get to the security questions, which kept them out.
  • Jean: FireFox; I have 2 emails; comcast, SBCGlobal - too much out there
    • I can print and copy to a disk, what I read in users report, Clyde said it is possible, there is a way to take the folders that you have your email in, and put them on your hard drive.
    • A: She needs to pay for pop3 to get to the mail and set up a mail program in the PC.
    • Wants to save emails - has a naming convention.

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