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July, 2012 APCU meeting - All Random Access

  • Lee
    • NeoRouter <>
      • THEIR server keeps track; you designate one of yours as the server
      • I can VNC, RDP, etc for servicing, etc.
      • Sid: 3 versions Free, Professional, Mesh
  • Alan
    • Firefox stopped printing
  • Apple TV - Wireless
  • Can't get to network from Samsung phone
    • Try ES File Explorer
  • Dish offers remote access to smart phones.
    • Watch from your home DVR
  • Has anyone played with Roku?
    • Box that attaches to your TV, and gives wireless TV from the internet
      • Amazon, Netflix, yaddah yaddah
  • Ward (and Ben) bought SiliconDust HDHomeRun; Dual High Definition Digital Television HDHR3-US
    • A small box with connectors for Cable, Ethernet, and power; 2 tuners; app on your PC does the recording; you can play BACK with appropriate software from any other PC on your network.
    • Ward and Ben are going to have a contest see who has it longest without trying it
  • Fermilab: Tomorrow 1-3
    • presentation on the Higgs etc. (But Ward looked it up, and it was oriented toward a fairly young audience)
  • Several tablets external video were tried to the SDL projector - they worked via HDMI to (SVGA?) down-scaling "box" From Amazon
  • Google Chrome - multiple error messages on logon.
    • popped up dialog box saying profile is wrong
    • Seems to have resolved itself.
  • Related: Ward asks "Why use Chrome?"
    • More % of the screen is the web page
    • Bookmark sharing across multiple machines all running Chrome
    • (Ward says the VI plug in (vimperator) of FireFox also allows this)
    • Sid likes "Session Buddy" - lightweight way to save all tabs. Uses date/time stamp, but you can rename it.
  • Sharing bookmarks across platforms
    • Ward mentions "" and an android app
    • Sid - xmarks to synch bookmarks; But you have to pay ~~$20; Premium version for Android.
      • be sure to turn it off in Chrome (I missed taking notes on the bug)
      • FireFox, IE, Chrome, Safari, etc.
      • Stores all the older iterations so you can do a revert
  • Ben - checking comcast mail from another network.
    • Got a completely different page.
    • It changed back.
      • Lee suggests they try diff pages and see the response.
  • Alan keeps getting ads to move from Google to Google +
    • Google+ is not an enhancement, but a social site done by Google.

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Page last modified on August 25, 2012, at 09:00 PM