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August, 2012 APCU Meeting: Videos, then Tablet Panel, no time for Random Access


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  • Awaiting notes from Clyde F; Chuck G will merge his notes with slides from John Chapman.
  • Ward will PULL his notes out of the "Alan base outline" and insert into his own "panel members" comments - if requested to do so
  • Comments may be posted by editing and going "to the bottom" APCU.M1208#Comments
DateTopic history
09/02/12Comments added, Ward C
09/02/12Inserted John D's emailed tablet reqmts

Attempt to SUMMARIZES the major points people made

  • Anyone is free to edit this; I haven't written any yet Ward Christensen August 25, 2012, at 04:42 PM
  • Also I arbitrarily tried to pick a few points (Size, OS...) to categorize my summarization; add / change as you like
  • Size:
    • 6" = "reader" (Kindle, etc);
    • 7" = useful; may fit in cargo pants;
    • 9.x"-10.x" are either 4:3 (TV, iPad, etc) or 16:10 ("Wide")
  • OS:
    • IOS for Apple,
    • Various versions of Android from about 2.2 to 4.1 on the panel
  • Uses:
    • eBook reader
    • Netflix
    • MP3
    • email
    • browser
    • special purpose if appropriate applications are available
    • Note Taking probably only if a keyboard
  • Considerations:
    • All but cheapest are multi-touch = Capacitive = Good
    • All are shiny screens (matte overlays available)
    • Newer/smaller devices lack "real" ports (e.g. std USB, etc)
  • Cost
    • Not really discussed; but MANY see what they can get for <$100; answer: More and more as time goes on
    • "serious" tablets are in the >$400 range.
  • Laptop Replacement - "to what extent?"
    • 40-55% in "real things" i.e. not great word processor, power point, programming,
    • 60-80% on "routine" - email, browsing, movies, TED, YouTube, etc.

Tablet Panel

  • This is the panel outline from Alan Berger: Ward's answers to Alan's questions are interleaved
    • This month, Past President and long, long time member Alan Berger has assembled a panel to discuss Tablet computing:
      • Sid Bratkovich, John Chapman, Ward Christensen, John Donahue, Neal Sosnowski and Ben Weaver.
    • As a starting point, Alan asks the following questions:
      • What functions (hardware and software) should tablets have when used as a replacement for: a laptop, an entertainment device, an oversized cell phone?
        • Ward
          • Totally depends upon what you want / need it for
          • EITHER
            • You may be able to afford one - and get it to see what it can do
          • OR
            • You DO have some purpose in mind and need to evaluate various options - e.g. reader etc.
          • OS familiarity ("e.g. you like Apple")
      • Which of your tablets (if more than one) do you use most? Why that one?
        • Ward
          • Asus "Slider"
      • What are the minimum specifications a new user should look for?
        • Ward
          • avoid single touch - may be moot point
          • appropriate size for the need
          • connectivity choices
            • Often wireless is enough and no ongoing cost
            • Broadband if it needs access away from wifi
          • Sufficient horse power
            • If just browsing, email, not much power needed
            • Gaming, Netflix, etc may require more
      • How much can a user customize not only the applications but also the manufacturer's installed apps and OS?
        • Ward
          • I have only moved icons around.
          • ZERO customization.
    • He also asks panel members to comment on the following:
      • Are tablets capable of creating information / programs or are they limited to displaying information?
        • Ward
          • Graphics, maybe; otherwise a keyboard -- or if there were good voice dictation.
      • What are tablets going to be like in five years?
        • We didn't get to this point.
      • If there is something you would like your favorite tablet to do or to have, what is it?
  • Panel members
    • John Donahue
      • Got an HP tablet PC
      • Then a Kindle Fire
      • I'm in a condo; (this) graph of wifi - (GREAT name: inSSIDer /Ed) - shows TOO MANY - so not good bandwidth - I'll want 5GHz Wifi
      • Requirements: (Note: All of these features exist, but not yet on the same tablet)
        • Form factor 7 inch+
        • Scratch resistant screen
        • Wifi b/g/n Dual-band (condo needs 5ghz)
        • Bluetooth
        • 3G/4G wireless? (might forgo this on tablet)
        • 8 Hour battery
        • USB
        • SD card slot
        • HDMI
        • Skype capable (camera, mike, etc)
        • GPS
        • Android 4+ (preferred)
        • Java
        • Flash
        • $200 $400 price range
    • Ward Christensen

Chuck, as you bring in John's slides and add your comments, can you merge mine in please?

  • John Chapman
    • Why - Needed to avoid weight of laptop for ex for European trip
    • Which - "Toshiba Thrive" - Likes that it has real sockets (USB, HDMI, SD) which is good to a laptop person
    • Which - "Visual Land" - 7" Android 4, inexpensive; good play toy; Case & Cover from Icon Brand; Often on Friday sale @ Frys, *** his is purple as they go fast and it was the only one left (but it matches his "past president of SHARE" badge color)
    • Uses - Transferring, dinner reservations, etc.
    • Comments - MANY, some captured
      • Transferred to "Summary" above
        • Categories by size
        • Percentage of laptop replacement
      • 10" good for older eyes
    • Minimum specs - (Inside:) Accelerometer; WiFi; (For a higher price:) Bluetooth, Camera, GPS radio,
      • (continuing inside) NFC
        • Near Field Communications
          • More use in Business
          • "reverse of RFID" - static, etc
          • Interact with another active device, OR static sticker, etc.
          • *e.g. "I'm in his car, I'll connect to Toyoto, car connects to web"
          • *May support payments
    • Functions
      • Laptop
        • You should get 50-70% of function, we're not there
      • Entertainment
        • "Time we enjoy wasting is not time wasted"
          • May be too big for MP3
      • Oversize Cell Phone
        • It can be an MP3
    • See his list of web sites
      • APK-
    • Wants
      • Better file system
      • Better Radios - they seem to vary in quality (sensitivity) e.g. how far away you can still get WiFi
      • More and better connectors (As above, like full sized USB, etc)
      • Need longer Battery Life
      • BulletProof - after hearing about NY shooting.
      • Color LCD readable in sunlight
      • Attachpoint - a place to hook a lanyard etc to loop over arm when carrying other things
    • Internal wants
      • Recognize more devices
      • Security Aperture = a place / way to LOCK IT DOWN.
  • Sid Bratkovich
  • Neil Sosnowski
    • Which - No-name Apple form factor; Android 4.0; no productivity stuff yet; thus not replacement for laptop
      • It IS a replacement for ebooks
    • Tips
      • check reviews on Amazon
        • (ex: I can't hear the sound => don't buy that one)
      • Buy one that is returnable
      • Resolution - HD etc (larger, 1080, smaller, 720)
  • Ben Weaver has:
    • Which - Coby - Resistive, running 2.3.2
    • Which - Lenovo - capacitive, running 2.3.3
    • Capabilities
      • Processors
        • Can be multi-core
          • New Samsung dual can do 2 things side by side
          • (Ward comments: FIRST time I've seen 2-app-view on Android!)
      • Right size to Hold
      • GPS depends upon needs
  • Scratchpad for wiki editors to store things until put in the right place

Comments added after the meeting via the wiki

  • 09/02/12 Ward Christensen (net: Read reviews! Try before you buy, unless WELL known brand/model)
    • As I mentioned in the meeting, I got an Ainol 7 Paladin tablet, from a dealer friend who found he couldn't make any profit selling them.
    • Here are some cautions I pass on which wouldn't happen if I didn't have other working tablets:
      • It was "new" - Ice Cream Sandwich
      • It seriously suffers by not supporting the Google Android store
      • I don't know the details, apparently a tablet manufacturer has to get some blessing "or something"?
      • Thus some applications I planned to run WILL NOT WORK:
        • Remote console (wonderful program, called "Pocket Cloud"
        • Netflix! The dealer even gave me the .apk (installation application package) file but the unit won't open the file for whatever reason - he says I could "hack" it by rooting the tablet etc.
    • P.S. it works as a web browser, and has superb playback of TED (like the ones Sid shows at meetings)

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Page last modified on September 05, 2012, at 05:44 PM