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APCU May, 2013 meeting, Schaumburg Public Library

Requested postings:

  • Can't seem to share NAS; Ward C thoughts:
    • See if the device can be seen from your computer - do everything from the command line
      • ping nas (or whatever name)
      • if not found, then assuming you know its address, ping it: ping
    • From above you know whether to use say nas or 192.168..
    • Try: net use to see if there are any shares (just for "fun")
    • Try: net view nas to see if any show up
    • setting up shares
      • You can "map network drive", but I prefer to play around in the command line.
      • You are probably familiar with mapping a "drive" locally: net use local drive <remote device>
      • You can map a share without giving it a drive: net use <remote device>
      • Try: '''net use \\<nasname or IP>\<share name> *
        • It should ask for a user ID, and password (the * could be the password, but says to ask for it)
        • try admin or whatever ID you had to create via the NAS's user interface.
    • That's about all I can think of....

Other things discussed at the meeting

  • Videos - TED and the incredible YoYo"ist" here
  • Videos - Raspberry pi discussions etc Can someone help find it? Woman from Adafruit, etc

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