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APCU October, 2013 Meeting - Schaumburg library

Video - Douglas Crockford on some history of Javascript, proper programming, his JSlint program, etc.

Ward found a set of videos on similar;

Random Access

  • Sid's rental car 2013 Camry had USB, and a difficult-to-use 7" touch screen
  • Outlook: Can I merge folders within outlook? When he repaired it the old folders were different.
  • SID TOR for Firefox; some say it messed up someone's PC;
    • From SlashDot, NSA has been unable to track on TOR; A kid in Oregon letting access to "the silk road", delivering heroine to the suburbs, etc, with TOR to get to him. They caught him through his stupidity on applying for an email name.
    • TOR feels they are 2 steps ahead of the NSA.
    • Sid: Unknown who wrote TruCrypt; there's a crowdsource funding to audit the software. Want $25K.
  • Alan: says there is a program to crack trucrypt passwords. Can't do, as they store the hash.
  • A hospital bought Michael Reese, and subsequently their PCs containing the UNENCRYPTED michael Reese data was stolen. Thus folks were getting mail from a they had not even been to saying their information was compromised.

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