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APCU January, 2014 Meeting - Schaumburg library

'''next month, only 10:00-12:00, random access only

Video -

  • Sid got a new phone - Moto x
    • really likes it. Showed a video

Random Access

  • Ben says LogMeIn has gone to fee based
    • Anyone use Team Viewer? A: Ward's friend Lloyd
      • John used it on his S4 which is enabled for it.
    • NeoRouter?
  • Cell phones
    • Alan -- sometimes trouble in the car with bluetooth connections
  • Paperport software with a Brother all-in-one problems
    • Windows 8. Has been looking at Twain drivers, etc.... trying to do remotely.
  • Google voice removing its protocol
    • Some "phone gizmos" that don't really have a phone #, work with Google Voice "as a land line" now, but will not when Google changes the protocol "which has too many security holes"
    • [John] says if you use Vonage, and mention "magic jack", you may get a better price.
  • [Ben] had trouble sending faxes, found a setting to the fax protocol that helped.

[SID] Top Mobile Apps

  • Pandora
    • Learns the kind of music I like - did a genome - look @ the music - a genetic code for music. Differs by individual.
    • ONE limitation - Small database of song.
    • RDIO have much larger libraries
    • Pro version is Pandora One, no ads (but that's it)
  • Kindle
    • Synchronized between devices (Apple, Android, PC, Mac)
  • TuneIn Radio
    • Can record for later playing
    • (I (Heart) radio has gotten better)
  • The Weather Channel is the best of the national weather apps; others are better for local
    • Local weather - WGN, WLS apps are better.
  • Zinio (magazine app)
    • Bothers me that they do not allow you to do shared (Print + digital) You generally need a 3rd party app.
    • They often don't support the multi-media versions e.g. PC Magazine.
    • Depending upon the library, you can get some magazines (permanently) from your library.
  • Flipboard - your news magazine
    • Good options
  • Movies by Flixter - finding things about movies.
  • Best Feature - they did a deal with the rotton tomatoes people to use their review
    • Rotten Tomatoes does review by combining reviews from multiple reviewers.
  • Just works.
  • Yelp - Restaurant, Hotel, Catering services, ...
    • Ratings are higher for say, restaurants YOU rate in another city
    • Has some menus, can write a review in the app
    • You can now define a startup page. - such as gas prices based upon your location.
  • Waze Social GPS Maps and Traffic.
    • Monitors where you are and how fast you can go, etc.
    • Very detailed and informative.
    • You can sign up to groups
    • Does full local turn-by-turn directions.
  • Evernote
    • You can sign up for a month, upload a bunch, then go back to free (hee hee)
  • WebMD - symptom checker; click on body parts; drugs; side effects;
    • You can put in the drugs you take and shows interactions.
    • First Aid, etc.
  • Personal Finance
    • A little controversial - in that they have access to all your accounts.
    • Some limitations - no reporting (they want you to buy Quicken)
  • Pocket
    • basic function, "Read later" across devices. Can read on the web, so no install.
  • Wikipedia
    • Can save articles for reading offline.
  • Box - (or sky drive, google drive, sugar sync, pogo, drop box)
    • You probably one one of these to get to stuff from anywhere.
    • Most are 5G free; some are going pay.
  • RedLaser barcode & QR scanner
    • You should have some scanner on your machine
    • EG you scan and you can find other prices (e.g. "is Costco where I am, cheaper than Amazon?")
  • theScore - Sports & Scores
    • ward Q: Might be able to get minor stuff like high school scors
  • Groups in Firefox:
    • Standard - "Group your Tabs". i.e. a group "3D printers"

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Page last modified on January 25, 2014, at 02:37 PM