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APCU July, 2014 Meeting - Schaumburg library

802.11ac routers

  • Ward mentioned this topic, and someone commented that you should "wait", and sure enough, my paid subscription to "Windows Secrets" had an article, agreeing that having just bought an 'expensive' 802.11AC router was "bad timing"
    • What you need to know about 802.11ac Wi-Fi
    By Yardena Arar
    The Wave 2 update for the relatively new 802.11ac Wi-Fi standard promises even faster and more efficient networks.
    Here's what to expect and why you might want to wait a bit before purchasing that new 802.11ac router.
  • What was mentioned was that it will have much higher bandwidth, more "streams", etc. MAYBE not so important for a single environment.
  • Tip from Ward on big downloads when you have a NAS:
If you are "at" a wireless device, and want to do a big download, and you have an intelligent box for storage (NAS, designated Windows device, etc) then it is probably hooked to Ethernet, and you might be able to (on Linux) 'wget' or 'curl' the url, i.e. download it right to your storage, rather than wirelessly to your laptop / tablet / desktop etc.

Keeping XP going

  • John Chapman stopped by for a while, good to see him. John asked about how to keep some old XP programs running, when there was no install media or files (i.e. really old stuff).
  • Ward's suggestion was to use VirtualBox1, and a P2V2 tool.
  • There is a full tutorial on the VirtualBox site, explaining how to P2V XP for VirtualBox: Here. To summarize:
    • There is a HAL3 in XP, that has to be corrected; A few more "buzz words" deal with settings that have to be followed: ACPI, I/O APIC
    • Hard disk support problems. Right from the VirtualBox P2V page:
    For reasons we don't understand, Windows memorizes which IDE/ATA controller it was installed on and fails to boot in case the controller changes. This is very annoying because you will run into this problem with basically all migrated images. The solution here is to perform several modifications to the Windows registry.
    • It goes on with links to a program to install virtually every possible IDE hard drive in the XP registry before you start to P2V it.
    Ward will look into VirtualBox to see which specific hard drive controller it supports, as we need only add that one - the above mentioned utility installs a LOT, which are unnecessary. "Let's be elegant" heh.
  • One of the steps is to image the existing physical drive, to a file. Ward found WinDD on SourceForge.Net
  • Of Interest: VirtualBox's chapter on Storage
    • Includes snapshots which allow you to "freeze" a virtual disk, then run it, with changes being written to a "differencing" file!! You can then go back to the original or merge the changes. ("Wow, how cool is that!").
      • This is IDEAL for trying new software, because if you don't like it, you just revert to the snapshot, and it is like you never installed it.
      • You can even take periodic snapshots in case you get a virus, i.e. you can go back to the snapshot.
      • Also note that '''in a non-virtual environment, a commercial software product that I (Ward) like is Acronis True Image, and it is backup software which also includes the ability to snapshot a PHYSICAL windows drive, and after installing, reject the install (revert) or let it go ahead.


2 P2V=converting Physical (disks) to virtual

3 Hardware Abstraction Layer

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