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APCU February, 2015 Meeting - Windows 10; Random Access; Schaumburg library

From all the meeting's Linux discussion (particularly desktop versions), should we have a Linux meeting topic?1

Sid's corner
- Bought an Amazon Echo
-- $99 on Prime (Half Price)

Windows 10 (Sid B & John Donahue)

  • Beta on
  • Intro
    • Start button is back (extremetech article - Hands on Win 10 Start menu)
      • Left col = old button's list; right 3/4 = old "tablet" Tiles2
      • If a "dockable" machine, and you remove the keyboard, it goes into a Windows 8 style start screen...
      a full screen of Tiles
      • It is fairly easy to add shortcuts including to web pages.
      • Can resize the "tiles"; tiles have a setting such as "double wide", etc.
    • Opinion: If they had come out with this GUI instead of the W8 one, people would have accepted it.
    • There are supplied applications (??? Apps) - which are meant to be in common across desktop, tablet, and (presumably "some") Phones.
    • Settings Menu
      • New look: Only 8-10 Tiles with long descriptions
    • Multiple Desktops
      • Right now, NOT unique looking desktops
      • Perhaps "task" oriented - i.e. if a task needed multiple applications.
      • When closing a desktop, the applications are merged into remaining open desktops
      • Can move an app from one desktop to another
      • Alt-Tab shows both application AND DESKTOPS
      • To see all your desktops, Hover over the multi-desktop task bar entry
    • Command Prompt users
      • You can now ^V to paste into a command prompt window.
    • Installing on existing:
      • It asks if you want to replace; otherwise it renames windows to windows.old
    • Virtual
      • VMWare (workstation 11) supports W10 well
      • Don't know about VBox for virtualization
  • Cool things in Windows 10:
    • Can open an ISO
      • Also can mount as a drive letter
    • Spartan Browser: Can mark up Web pages, circling, notes, etc, and send to someone else...Presumably only another W10 user?
  • Augmented Reality
  • Notifications area - a.k.a. Action Center -- a centralized place to get information from apps installed on Windows 10
  • Windows Icon Bottom Left
    • Right click brings up a menu of such things as task manager, power options, control panel, etc.
  • File Explorer
    • Has "pinned folder" - a pin icon next to a pinned folder
    • Has "last accessed" @ top; can turn it off
    • "This PC" is a new top level, including Desktop, Documents, Downloads,
    • Has a One Drive icon
      • MS seems to push One Drive
        • Was 17G free, then 5, may be back to 17.
    • Still has RIBBONS (yuck sez Ward)
  • Asides:
    • Sid likes Display Fusion for multiple monitors.
    • Difficult to get into SAFE mode in Windows 10.
    • Jolicloud Consolidates various cloud drive services
  • Distribution
    • From W7, you may upgrade free within the first year of W10.
    • W8 is a free upgrade to W10
    • Will be a subscription; Price not announced

Random Access

  • Want to install later Google Maps version
  • How dangerous is booting Windows repair?
  • Ubuntu backup - why 300G fast, 150G slow!
    • Fragmentation?
    • Maybe 2nd backup was more files?
  • Ubuntu
    • Desktops
      • Gnome
      • KDE
      • Unity
    • Mint is an alternative
      • Desktop
        • Cinnamon - Looks like windows
        • Mint
          • Has a nice backup program
            • But requires you to USE the backup before upgrading your OS
  • Open Office
    • Libre office is a variation (Lee runs on all windows and linux machines)
    • Ward runs Apache open office,
      • Ward likes the "portable" open office (just run, no install)

1 See also LinuxTopics

2 Not sure "tiles" is the right word but I'll use it consistently here

3 Picture of HoloLens in use:

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Page last modified on February 27, 2015, at 11:00 PM