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APCU April, 2015 meeting


Presentation - Neal Sosnowski "Open Government Data"

Abstract: Open Data - Neal will discuss data from governmental processes that are transparent, digital, and available to the public and developers. He will give several examples as well as a survey of sources.

Links from Neal as a followup:

Random Access

Sids Corner

  • Printing
    • Cheap
      • Ben found a Canon on sale @ NewEgg for $70; Ward found a similar deal on a Samsung with duplexing(!) @ Office Max -
      • Net: If you want a cheap laser printer, "keep your eyes open", i.e. perhaps sign up for NewEgg mailings, check Office Max if you happen to drive by, etc.
    • Question: Might an HP not print black if there's an empty color cartridge?
      • A: The group didn't know but suspects it is true.
  • Ben wondered why Lee isn't talking about problems...
    • Lee says he recomments Ubuntu, and people just don't have a problem.
  • Ben - last month mentioned ATT Uverse had trouble getting to certain web sites.
    • He connected the computer to the wifi hotspot on his phone, and it worked; but he can't access his web cameras, etc.
    • Comments: The library blocks quite a few ports, (including VPN, which doesn't make sense)
      • They might inspect packets - as Sid can't use Google's Chrome remote console access.
  • Q: 401k Planning sites?

Ward Christensen April 25, 2015, at 12:03 PM

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