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Creating New Topics

Use this to add new topics. See Basic Editing (Always in the left bar) for many text formatting tips

      ** put stuff under it if you want or link to [[other pages]] <- undefined, but showing you how

It is easiest to make a bulleted "outline" with "topics" and indented details

  1. Start with an * for "topic", and ** for detailed links below and *** for say comments about it
    * This is a new topic
  2. add indented details below
    ** This is more on that topic
  3. To create external links just leave the http://... in normal text,
or use this syntax: [[http://... | description to be used instead of the URL]]
If you feel one area (say, antivirus?) deserves its own wiki page...
# To create a new page enclose a page name in e.g. blah blah details?

When you add something, finish it with [[~your name]] e.g. [[~Ward Christensen]] which makes a link to the (possibly non-existent) user profile. Then after saving, click to define your profile, and say something about yourself.

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Page last modified on October 24, 2010, at 05:39 PM