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Test of File Upload and Attach

Sketch of me created on

From: Chuck G
To:   Ward C

To activate file uploads, I added:

  $EnableUpload = 1;

to apcu/local/config.php as described in "Uploads Administration".

Then I:

  • created this page with
        %rfloat width=225px% Attach:20100909.jpg"Sketch of \
        me created on" %%
  • clicked the link which appeared
  • entered the password you created
  • was able to upload my image.

After entering the upload password, "Attach" appeared in the Page Actions at the top of every page in the APCU group. You can also get to the upload password page by appending &action=upload to any page URL in your browser's address line.

I did not need to create any directories. My first upload automatically created uploads/APCU in the apcu directory.

Prior to any of this, I tested upload / attach for only my Chuck G group by creating a group customization file (apcu/local/ChuckG.php) containing only

  $EnableUpload = 1;

as described in Uploads Administration under Restricting uploaded files for groups and pages.

Waaaaay cool, Chuck!! Ward Christensen January 04, 2011, at 10:37 PM

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Page last modified on January 05, 2011, at 12:37 AM