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Welcome to the APCU Wiki Begun 02/27/10
LOVE WHAT You're doing, Chuck! Thanks! (Please sign your changes)

  • Purpose
    • To have a place to "log" APCU.Meeting Notes taken at club meetings
    • To have a way for people to create new topics
    • To allow any member to edit these topics (See Basic Editing in left menu)
      You need the password given at club meetings
  • Does not replace the APCU Web Page+ for calendar, announcements, etc.
  • Does not replace the Mail Group for day-to-day comments/discussions

"Wikis are a great way to collect and refine knowledge" MikeWarot

Please see the links on the left menu...

 or the Page Names on the right menu

Recent Changes APCU.RecentChanges Feed

  • Instead of maintaining "recent changes" for monthly meetings:
    • See the top margin link for recently edited articles;
    • In the RIGHT column list of ALL pages, look for M<yy><mm> which are the monthly notes (Jan 2012 = M1201)
06/21/13Added improved group page listsChuckG
05/25/13Added May meeting notesWardC
03/30/13Added March meeting notes stub; also APCU.Windows8WardC
02/09/12Added RSS links for Meeting Notes, Recent ChangesChuckG
02/01/12Added Site Group List (table format) pageChuckG
10/29/11Added - See Myymm in right columnWard C
10/06/11Added Aug Meeting NotesChuckG
10/06/11Added April Meeting NotesChuckG
09/24/11Added Sept. Meeting NotesWardC
07/30/11Added July Meeting NotesWardC
07/29/11Added APCU.Virtualization pageWardC
07/26/11Added Neal's VirtualBox Links pageChuckG
06/29/11Updated May Meeting Notes to add podcatcherWardC
06/25/11Added June Meeting NotesWardC
05/28/11Added May Meeting NotesWardC
04/17/11Expanded APCU.links to expand to "friends"WardC
03/26/11Added Mar Meeting NotesWardC
02/26/11Added Feb Meeting NotesWardC
01/30/11Added Jan Meeting NotesWardC
01/02/11Added Test of File Upload and AttachChuckG
12/19/10Added Dec Meeting NotesWardC
10/26/10Added APCU Page List pageChuckG
10/25/10Added Autoit3.MagnifierWardC
10/24/10Added APCU.links pageWard C
10/24/10Added Oct Meeting NotesWard C
10/24/10Re: Meeting about Wikis:
Added toggles
Ward C

'''All links should open in a new link; tell WardC or ChuckG if not

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