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todo list for Chuck and Ward

Update the virtual meeting to describe how we re-connect by doing conversation/leave conversation, then the host calls the participant.

ward to add wardock (w7 half screen stuff for xp).

[19:21:29] Ward Christensen: Oh, the other thing chuck, was "view default" vs "view compact".
[19:21:30] Chuck Goldstein: Yes
[19:21:59] Chuck Goldstein: Yeah, a not obvious thing without taking the time to explore all the menus.
[19:22:00] Ward Christensen: I'll let you decide where to put it (on todo if you want) .... or start a "skype tips" or put it on the virtual meeting page as that is Skype related.
[19:22:12] Ward Christensen: no kidding!

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Page last modified on September 12, 2014, at 03:42 AM