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Virtualization - 07/30/11 Ward Christensen, and other contributions

First, thanks a bunch for a wonderful page - APCU.NealVirtBoxLinks!!!

The following material originally created as a 'presentation' for APCU

  • Virtualization - what is it?
    • Just as a mirror shows a "virtual" image of you - there's not another "real you" in the mirror, only the image.
    • Virtualization was started by IBM in the 70's (?) as a mainframe "session" (program) emulating a mainframe
      • this was called VM - Virtual Machine - and users actually ran "CMS" - the Conversational Monitor System - sort of the "DOS" of the day.
    • Now, and for the sake of this discussion, virtualization means the running of one operating system under another, by means of a program that "makes the guest think it is running on its own hardware.
      • To do so, the host OS intercepts -- possibly with assistance of the processor (Intel and AMD's virtual extensions) -- instructions that the VM runs which need to be virtualized such as I/O.

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Page last modified on July 29, 2011, at 10:15 PM