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I needed a place to just "dump thoughts" so here it is. Latest first.

  • Installing Windows 10 on VirtualBox
  • Actually I am "anxious" to know if Kedit, which was slightly updated for Windows 8, will work on W10, so decided to put up a virtual Windows 10 to test it on.
  • VirtualBox is available from
  • How to install Windows 10 on VirtualBox
  • What I did was put a 2nd drive in my system, an SSD, so the virtual environment would be faster.
    • I'm still letting the host OS (Windows 8) run from and page to the lackluster 5400 RPM drive 0, but the virtual machine is installed on the SSD.
  • Setting my Preferences under Windows 10
  • I don't like hidden icons:
  • Right click the task bar
  • Choose Properties
  • Under "Notification Area" click "Customize"
  • Click "Select which icons appear on the task bar"
  • Click "Always show all icons in the notification area"
  • I want shortcut underlines to show, not hidden as is the default.
  • From above, as long as I'm in "settings", I can put "underline" in the search box.
  • On the bottom of the screen that shows up, is "Other Settings"
    • From it, turn on "Enable Shortcut Underlines".
  • Watch Those Volts (fiddling with batteries)
  • This old nicad shows 0V. Is it dead? I put it in a holder with a 1 cell flashlight bulb across it and also a voltmeter.
  • The bulb puts a load on whatever battery I'm testing, the voltmeter showing of course the result.
  • So this was 0, so I hooked a variable power supply across it, and started cranking up. Nothing.
  • So the NiCad must be sucking all the power (which I wouldn't try for more than a fraction of a second). then FLASH
  • AH, something happened, 5V got across the battery, the bulb burned out. OK. lesson Learned. Don't put high voltage across a 1.5V bulb even if you think power is basically shorted out. Sigh.
  • 02/01/12 If you use perfmon and want to monitor something that is "around 100"
  • For example "free memory" which might be say near 1G or 100M, then it tends to squeeze against the top when > 100 (times the multiplier)
  • The usual thing to do is change the scale so it hovers around 10, but you may want to "expand the scale" to see more detail
  • In this case, change the maximum value of the entire CHART from 100, to say 125 or something, Then your values will stay near the top (good detail "magnification")
  • Of course then 100% CPU will be 4/5ths of the way up.
  • 08/25/12 Small low-power Intel Atom-based computers; One being used as file server; other might be made into one if function great enough
  • I bought parts (case, usually with power supply), and the $79 (Frys) dual core Atom 1.6GHz motherboard WITH PROCESSOR.
    • When Debra's "file server" (medium to large tower) "died", I took it as a chance to switch to one large drive, running on an Atom, to vastly reduce the footprint and power consumption. I had to add a small dual fan to the drive as the Atom is fanless. A 2.5" drive might survive on convection - but I'd be careful.
    • I have a 2nd Atom, and am considering "building" a file server, using say FreeNAS or seeing if something else interesting (say, with compression, background data dup, and other interesting things) is available.
      • Right now I have an (aging, but wonderful) NetGear NV+ which I'm very happy with, but the newer ones go to PC not SPARC so I might be able to run more apps on it (Not that you WANT to - but the current one is limited to rsync, telnet, etc - but NOT a web browser (for char-mode looking up something while telnetted into it) or a zip program (Linux zip only does one file, not a "zip of multiple files) (Yah, I know, a zipped tarball is multiple files - but NOT compatible with other PC utilities that know ZIP format)

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Page last modified on July 10, 2015, at 03:06 PM