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APCU Windows 8 discussion, begun March 30, 2013

  • In a previous meeting, Ward suggested a "shootout", i.e. navigating common applications, etc. W7 vs W8. Then Ward installed it, found it very nice, and this Wiki entry will continue the discussion begun at the April, 2013 meeting.
  • 04/21/13 Ward Sez "I like it more and more". Everything works.
    • I downloaded my junk email (unfiltered because not valid destination) from, by making a bzipped1 tarball2 of them. When downloaded to Windows 8, Windows itself popped up that there was a virus in the file downloaded. I'm not surprised, as I just planned to look at the TEXT, and see what email addresses this stuff had been sent to in order to filter these (mostly made-up) email addresses to something called "black hole", haha.

User Access Control (UAC) and programs not working due to permissions

  • 04/07/13 Permissions/UAC Like Windows 7, if you have the User Account Control (UAC) enabled, you will find that your programs may not have the ability to "do things" in particular directories.
    • Ex: Firefox saving a page. Since Firefox could run something malicious, even "save as" fails. I have to dig into this further, as I DO want web pages to save.
    • What I did for a drive imaging program was create a shortcut to it, and give that shortcut administrative "full control" privileges.

___meeting notes ___

  • Today (3/30/13) Ward showed some every-day usage of his laptop, editing the APCU wiki, flipping over to Kedit (which was started via a shortcut key), etc, then said "this is all under Windows 8, and it is working well for me."
  • Q: No start button?
    • A: hit the windows key. brings an ENTIRE DESKTOP which is tiled with the shortcuts of YOUR CHOICE,
    • This seems to be what nay-sayers (such as me!) saw as W8 "functionality", i.e. "what happened to everything I knew, nothing looks the same".
    • The start menu has become an easily customizable SCREEN;
    • Your DESKTOP is a "window" so you can FLIP TO IT (with your favorite background, shortcuts, etc).

Feel free to edit this and append your thoughts and questions.


1 A version of zip that runs on Linux

2 Tarball - Linux only zips one file, so a tarball is a bunch of files copied end-to-end into one file so it can be bzipped - but Tar I think rounds them to a block i.e. there are small gaps between files (so not really an end-to-end copy)

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