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This page is experimentally using "toggles"; click the "+" next to an item to expand it. 09/25/10 Ward Christensen

comments on Windows 7?

  • 07/14/10 Anyone care to comment on Windows 7? Ward Christensen
    • It seems many of us "hung on dearly" to Windows 98 when XP came along
    • Now us XP hangers-on should probably look at Windows 7?
    • Or like me you just don't see a reason to spend the money?
      • 09/25/10 footnote: Now that OEM Windows 7 is at Tiger Direct for <$150 I bought it
        • Also note that home premium does NOT do the XP emulation - only the PRO version

Ward and how to remove "new (blah blah)" when right-clicking in XP file explorer

  • 03/28/10 Ward found how to remove the list of "junk" that right-clicking in a folder shows for new
    • I only want shortcut and folder to show up
    • The registry key is pretty obscure, and here I show my edited entries with the '-' to delete the key

      Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

      "AutoIt v3 Script"=-
      "Microsoft Excel Worksheet"=-
      "Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation"=-
      "Microsoft Word Document"=-
      "OpenDocument Presentation"=-
    • In other words, you edit the registry, and delete the keys, -or-
      • save the registry file entry
      • copy it over to a file perhaps called shellnew-original.reg (so you can restore it)
      • rename the file to shellnew-deleted.reg because when you run it it will delete these things

Full Details:

  1. Method 1
    1. start / run / regedit
    2. navigate to the key:
    3. If you want to save the registry keys:
      1. file / save as / something like deleted_ShellNew_Keys it will add the .reg extension
    4. Then just delete any of the keys you see you don't want.
      1. Now, I found I didn't have "permission" to delete them which confused me. - so try This

  1. Method 2
    1. proceed as above but do not DELETE the keys but save in a file
    2. Then edit the file, and remove everything right of the = sign and replace with a -
      1. as in my example at the top of this page
    3. Then when you "run" this file, it will ask permission to run, and will delete all the keys

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Page last modified on December 19, 2010, at 02:06 PM